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Bekistat (English)

Easy to install BEKISTAT™ Anti-static Braid

So cost effective, so easy to install, that many Japanese companies are starting to prefer BekistatTM over other sollutions such as ionizers. Please ask for samples(1m)>. Also,we are looking for companies that are willing to become business agencies in each region of the world or in countries. Please contact us and join us.

Bekistat is braid by mixed spinning of 20% stainless-steel fiber and 80% polyester with high electricity discharging capability. By corona-discharge effect of superfine stainless-steel fiber, it discharges static electricity safely and quickly. see experiment video.

Supreme electro-discharging capacity of BEKISTAT™

As a result of comparison test between BekistatTM and conventional ESD brush made of stainless fiber by Industrial Technology Association, it was found that about 10 times discharged electricity is running through BekistatTM, meaning it can discharge more static electricity faster from an electrified body/article. (Table 1)

Products of BEKISTAT™

 bekistat table BTD1

 bekistat table TP1

Applications of BEKISTAT™

Magnetic attachment parts are available, please check BEKISTAT™ PDF.

These Magnetic attachments are used in Printing industry and film procesing industry in Japan. Making it so easy to install!


Q. How can Bekistat™ remove static electricity?
A. Bekistat™ is a braid made from mixture of stainless steel fiber(20%) and polyester(80%) with a high electricity discharge capability. By taking advantage of the corona-discharge effect of super fine stainless steel fiber, Bekistat™ discharges static electricity safely and quickly. Also the use of Bekistat™ can be multi-directional because its fine stainless steel fibers are oriented in any directions.

Q. What is the corona-discharge effect?
A. The corona discharge effect is a slight electrical discharge that occurs only near the points of emission of electricity. The potential for electrocution or fire hazard remains null however since the discharge of energy generated by the fibroid conductor is low. Bekistat™ products are consequently used as static controllers around electrical devices and electro conductive fibers.

Q. What is the static electricity discharge capacity of Bekistat™ ?
A. The corona-discharge effect allows Bekistat™ to bring an electric charge ranging from 10 to 100k volts to less than 3k volts instantly.

Q. How can the removal static electricity be optimized?
A. When the distance between the charged object (as in the example hereby: moving films) and Bekistat™ is fluctuating, the discharging performance can be improved by using more than one Bekistat™ line. In that case however, it is recommended to set them apart from one another for more than 10cm.

FAQ bekistt side

Q. How can Bekistat™ be set?
A. For example, to discharge the static electricity generated around an unrolling film, Bekistat™ is best applied just under the film (2 to 5cm away) without being sagged and at a right angle to the flow of the film. (Type BRD8 has a tensile strength of 100N, while type TP1 has a 200N one) Be sure to ground at least one end to position the set 10 to 20cm apart from the rolled film to avoid the influence of the roller. It is recommended that the customers test and measure the performance of the set with its attachment tools in place.

Q. Where should it be placed ?
A. Bekistat™ should be normally placed between 1 and 5cm away from the electrical device. Nevertheless, its effectiveness depends on each environment and circumstances. The most suitable position should be found by a beforehand test.

Q. Must Bekistat™ be used in contact with the charged material?
A. Bekistat™ can be used without any contact with the charged device for a quick and safe discharge. Furthermore, in order to avoid any contamination or damage to the product, we would recommend that Bekistat™ be used without any physical contact.

Q. How long does it last ? 
A. For an optimal use of the product, its performance should be periodically checked and Bekistat™ should be changed if it appears to be stained with ink or solvent.

Q. What are the advantages of using Bekistat™ antistatic braids ?
1. Inexpensive : High performance and less expensive than ESD brushes and ionizers.
2. Safe : Unlike ionizers, electric charges are not excessively applied to charged substances.
3. Easy to attach : It is easy to attach to equipment because of its fine static braid.
4. No power supply is needed : Zero electricity cost because it needs no power supply.
5. Easy maintenance : When the anti-static effect weakness, simply replace the anti-static braid.
6. Chemically stable substance : Because it is made of stainless-steel fiber and polyester, there is no active metal ion.

Q. Are there performance differences among the Bekistat™ types ?
A. There is no particular difference in the performance according to the Bekistat™ type. Each type is adapted to different circumstances. For example, the BRD8 type should be used in a small place whereas the TP1 type, with its high tensile strength, would be best for a wide electrical device.

Q. What are the Bekistat™ types and length?
A. Please see the chart below;

FAQ bekistat image